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The Muhyiddin move that mauled Umno


PETALING JAYA Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin has been playing a careful political game during the months of a stressed encounter of wills at this point in one speedy move, he seems to have outmaneuvered Umno.Specialists express that if Muhyiddin’s endgame framework is right, he will have the alternative to checkmate …

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The People WIll Always Win, Govt Must Realise That – Dino Melaye Speaks On Killing of Protester


The advancing public complaint concerning various cases of butchering of guiltless dissenters by the Nigerian police have continued obtaining support from the pretentious. The new reaction regarding the alledged butchering of chaste nonconformists is coming from Senator Dino Melaye. The incredibly questionable political figure took to online media to come …

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The Malaysian Political Game


Anwar Ibrahim, an image of Malaysia’s fame based advancement of the last piece of the 1990s, announced on September 23 that he has the parliamentary lion’s offer expected to smoothly take power. The presentation has been invited with attentiveness. The 73-year-old government official said something fundamentally the same as in …

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Govt offices to be in full operation during MCO

Workstations in empty office

Government work environments have been advised to be totally operational with the presence of authorities reliant on the execution of the advancement control demand (MCO) in each state to ensure consistent help movement. Public Service Department boss general Tan Sri Mohd Khairul Adib Abd Rahman said for essential organizations in …

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