Coronavirus updates:Here is Dinoh Melaye’s Prayers For all Nigerian against Corona virus

Here is the request from Sen Dino Melaye on this dependable Sunday against the perilous affliction called Coronavirus. The delegate is as of now the singular senator in Nigeria that is right now a center individual. This is incredible as he is reliably cheerful to each part or occupant of Nigeria


His petitions are under

  • In this time of Corona disease, I cover you with the blood of Jesus Christ, crown and other ruinous afflictions won’t be your part. Your children are extraordinarily inoculated against a wide range of infirmities and ailments in the solid name of Jesus. So be it”
  • This week, news that will put favor your face and cause your affirmation to show will discover you in Jesus name.Every of your undertakings will get magnificent thought this day, The sky will favor you and set up the trustworthiness and thoughtfulness of the Lord on you and Your enjoyment will be full for Jesus
  • The Lord is your help and way maker. He will shield and protect you on all sides and Heaven will succeed your ways this day in Jesus name.
  • It is one more year where most understudies especially the people who were impacted by the 10 months old ASUU strike which began around March 2020. After a couple of social events among ASUU and Federal Government, the strike was suspended and understudies impacted have been set up to return back to class.

On account of the new inundation of the Corona disease in Nigeria, there have been news on if school will proceed on January eighteenth 2020. The new of everything was the report about the Federal Government making sure about schools on account of the new surge of Covid-19. In late news, the Presidential Task Force coordinator Dr Sani Aliyu has come out to clarify the earlier information which many perplexed. He further went to explain that the Federal Government didn’t state school resumption will be deferred uncertainly anyway that they will review the resumption date for understudies to re-visitation of class.Note that the clarification was a consequence of the new surge of Covid-19, so the school and atmosphere will be useful for understudies to remain and learn.

What is your evaluation on this? Try not to stop for a second to drop your comments under in the comment box and besides follow this page for more accommodating updates. Make sure to share.The authority group on Coronavirus, drove by the secretary to the public authority of the association, Mr Boss Mustapa has ensured the Nigerian understudies that academic activities will proceed by eighteenth January 2021. This is to uncover charges that the focal government is needing to postpone the school resumption date uncertainly. Prior to this announcement by the authority group, various understudies were worried over the deferred finish of schools the country over in light of the erupt of the Nobel Corona disease (Coronavirus).

The authority group is a block set by the Mr president Muhammad Buhari to give pieces of information, rules and rules during the scene of the perilous Corona contamination in the country. The board is in like manner subject for giving public care on the methods being taken by the public authority to control the spread of the infection across the states. Up until this point, the leading body of trustees involves relatively few priests from various administrations, heads of government associations and workplaces.

As of late a news was flowing that the public authority wil overview the current date set for the resumption of schools. The set date was eighteenth January at this point it has all the earmarks of being the date may be changed. Chatting on the issue, Dr DaniAliyu, the public coordination of The Presidential Task Force Of Covid – 19, said that schools will proceed on the eighteenth January until the Ministry of Education gives new date for resumption.

Aliyu in his words said that “As regards schools, I essentially need to make a clarification, what the minister said yesterday was that they intended to overview, he didn’t express that they wanted to change the date . He said they will review the situation and let the nation know. Thusly, for the event, it is up ’til now 18 th January until the administration of preparing returns either with an elective date or reconfirm that”.

The possibility of changing the date is amazingly high considering the way that the climb in th occurrences of the second surge of the Corona Virus is high. The date potentially change because of the prosperity of understudies in school. The administration of preparing has been putting the sufficiency of understudies first in passing on their organizations to Nigerians. Preferably resulting to examining the date if isn’t okay for understudies to proceed, the date will be change, yet for now is eighteenth January.

Scarcely any days back, the data on the University understudy in Cameroon who gave five days to her wedding got people’s inclination, the news was not a serious deal.

Starting late, the remembrance administration program of Petra Nji has been arranged, According to Tebopost, the great youngster would be covered on her huge day (January 16, 2021). Family said that the reason behind their decision is to regard Petra Nji, and moreover to give the two families some end.

Petra Nji was a Nursing understudy at the BIAKA University establishment of Buea, the death of this stunning youngster left everyone in tears, considering the way that to be certain this is a terrible data.The end of Petra who kicked the container in a deadly setback upset many, and clearly left various people in a state of despairing.

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